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Counselling in person and online

Steadfast Counselling fits your schedule. Day or evening. 7 days a week. Online or in person. 4 locations across Greater Vancouver, British Columbia.

We are a group of experienced counsellors dedicated to supporting our clients to live a life that matters to them. We understand that many people seek counselling during a difficult time or in the midst of a crisis. We’re here for you. Giving you a safe place to understand, explore and make the changes that feel right to you.

Or you may want support and guidance to make a change. You may not see a way to move towards what you want and you may be desiring assistance to know the way forward for you.

Our counsellors are trained in a variety of practices and therapies. We’ve helped many people live lives they only imagined prior to counselling. Click the counsellors’ images below to see their profile and schedule. Use our online booking site to see session options, send us an email or call us at (604) 629-7108 for a recommendation based on your situation.

Laura Bradley
Laura BradleyClinical Director & Therapist
Melody Hazelton
Melody HazeltonSenior Associate Counsellor
Patrick McGill
Patrick McGillSenior Associate Counsellor
Nate Torhjelm
Nate TorhjelmSenior Associate Counsellor
Christa Huntley
Christa HuntleyAssociate Counsellor
Rhea Shroff
Rhea ShroffAssociate Counsellor
Connie Pickett
Connie PickettAssociate Counsellor
Melanie Behrner
Melanie BehrnerAssociate Counsellor
Ashar Neufeld
Ashar NeufeldAssociate Counsellor
Jennifer Harder
Jennifer HarderAssociate Counsellor
Josh Dempsey
Josh DempseyJunior Associate Counsellor
Jessica Brown
Jessica BrownCandidate Counsellor
Alexa McEwen
Alexa McEwenJunior Associate Counsellor
JeeYe Yoon
JeeYe YoonJunior Associate Counsellor
Ross Dixon
Ross DixonAssociate Counsellor

Our counsellors are trained to assist clients in a wide variety of ways. These are some of the counselling services that we offer.

Individual Counselling