Insurance Coverage

In Canada, if you are covered by extended health insurance at work, you may be eligible for some coverage of counselling sessions.

Before you come for counselling, you may wish to call your insurance provider (e.g., Great West Life, Blue Cross) and ask these questions about insurance coverage for counselling to ensure eligibility:

Most insurance covers counsellors from a variety of professions (social work, psychology, art therapy, expressive therapies); however, some only cover registered social workers and some cover only psychologists. Steadfast Counsellors are either Registered Professional Counsellors (RPCs), Registered Therapeutic Counsellors ( RTCs) or Master Practitioners in Counselling Psychology (MPCPs). Check your plan to confirm that they cover this profession.

Would you make an exception? If your company does not cover Registered Professional Counsellors (RPCs), Registered Therapeutic Counsellors ( RTCs), or Master Practitioners in Counselling Psychology (MPCPs), you may consider writing to ask the company if they would make an exception. Because our registered counsellors also specialize in relationships and teenagers, some insurance companies have made exceptions in order to meet the specialized needs of their clients. We have had some clients get coverage by asking to speak to a manager and advocating for an exception based on the unique skills of the counsellor and pre-existing therapeutic relationship.

This will depend on your specific plan. We would suggest you ask for more details about the amount you are covered for.

Insurance companies often pay counsellors below the counsellor’s private practice rate for therapy services. It is important that you know what the insurance company maximum is and what the counsellor’s private practice fee is.

Ask for information about any deductibles that your insurance company might charge you if you utilize the money allotted for counselling coverage.

Some insurance companies give a set amount of money that you can use in a year for counselling. It is important to know if they base this on a calendar year (beginning in January-December) or a fiscal year (beginning in April to May). Depending on when you need to begin your counselling, this question can make a big difference in the amount of coverage available to you.

Generally these providers do not let us directly bill on clients’ behalf yet so you will have to pay upfront and be reimbursed. Should your plan allow us to bill directly, we are happy to do so.

Counsellors with the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada (ACCT) can have their sessions covered by SunLife, Pacific Blue Cross, Green Shield, Equitable Life of Canada, or ClaimSecure. ManuLife will cover sessions on a case by case basis. Counsellors’ specific designations can be found next to their names on our Rates & Hours page, so you can ask about coverage with a specific counsellor.

To confirm your insurance company will cover sessions with our counsellors, we strongly encourage our clients to call their insurance company to confirm what they are covered for. Plans that do cover our services typically include counselling, psychotherapy, or the services of clinical counsellors.

In the event that your claims have been rejected, the following letter template may be used to encourage your insurance company to accept your claim. You may also request a letter written by your counsellor.

Ministry of Children and Family Development

We are also covered by the Ministry family services for counselling. Please contact us for more information if this applies to you.