Separation & Divorce Counselling

A separation or divorce is hard, even when couples both want out. It can also inflict a lot of emotional damage on children when it isn’t handled well. If you’ve made the decision to separate, counselling can make sense of this painful process for everyone and even help you make the most of future relationships. able to let your guard down and feel safe with your partner opens the door for intimacy and connection to take place.

Ironically, the same skills that make a good relationship are also necessary for a healthy break-up.

And when children are involved, parents will still be in a relationship for the rest of their lives, even though their situation has changed. For these reasons, many couples find counselling is a valuable process for them as they go through a separation or divorce.

When your relationship is ending, there are many things that need to be sorted out.

Money, pets, and friendships are just some of the things that couples will have shared and must now learn to deal with as individuals.

Many relationships go from bad to worse during this process, as emotions, needs, and trust issues become entangled, complicating the simple things, and making the hard things almost impossible to agree upon.

But, with counselling, you can work with your ex, so that you both leave the relationship with a healthy attitude about the situation, recognizing that the split is the best thing for you both and able to wish each other well in the next stage of life.

Obviously, this kind of situation is much healthier for children, as they don’t get caught in an emotionally destructive battle of wills between their parents.

It’s also likely to help you better understand your own feelings and lay important groundwork for your next relationship. By learning from the past, we are able to create a better future for ourselves. With counselling, many couples learn that although their relationship as partners may end, they can still move forward with respect and consideration for each other. Move beyond the pain and loss of a separation or divorce, toward personal growth and a relationship with your ex that works for both of you.