Steadfast Counselling therapists were asked to share their favourite ways to give their love relationships some TLC or ways they reconnect with their partner. Here’s what we had to say. Maybe your favourite is similar, or maybe this gives you an idea of something you can do today with your partner!

“I love walking in the woods with my husband we often get so busy talking that we end up getting a bit lost and have to find our way out! And one of my favourite ways to reconnect is over a cup a tea at the end of the day.” Laura Bradley

“My partner and I try to have a bath together once a week or every two weeks (depending on our crazy schedules). We light candles, we have meditation music in the background. We just sit in the warm water together and share our day. (And we are not allowed to talk about our families or the kids!)” Jennifer Harder

“A favourite date night activity can be anything as long as we are spending quality time together and really being together and enjoying each other’s company.” Anna Guest

“As a counsellor, my favorite way to reconnect with my partner is to check in with each other and share ourselves from a vulnerable place. A dinner out is also a huge luxury for us and we try to spend as much time together as we can when the kids aren’t taking up all of our attention!” Julie Hughes

“My favorite romantic activity is to lay still and listen to my husband’s heart. I have been doing that for 37 years!” Katrina Rose