Through feeling all our feelings, we allow ourselves to be open to a transformance.*

Many of us we have learned through the years to not feel our feelings — to push them down, to muscle through something.

However, it’s often through feeling and processing our feelings — riding the waves of our emotions — that something new happens. When something new emerges, how we feel and think truly changes at a deep level.

Feeling Feelings vs. Pushing Them Down or Aside

Feeling your sadness allows you to grieve, let go, and move forward to something new, often to something you could not have imagined before you moved through your sadness.

When sadness gets pushed down, it often leads to a collapse of self, low energy, disengaging in social activities and sometimes depression.

Anger when felt and expressed in a healthy way it allows you to define who you are, what you value and to set boundaries.

When anger is pushed aside, it can lead to depression, a loss of sense of self, and anger or frustration expressed disproportionately.

I encourage you to notice your feelings — to feel them, embody them and to find safe places to experience and express them — and then notice what new things emerge for you.

* Definition – transformance: transformation

Laura Bradley
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Laura is a Master Therapeutic Counsellor and a Registered Counselling Supervisor (MTC,RCS,#2022) with the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada (ACCT). She is also a Certified Group Facilitator.

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