One of the kindest acts of self-care you can practice is to set yourself up for success.  There are so many little ways to do this.

For example, when writing out a to-do list for the day, a task-list for the week or, a set of long-term goals – be realistic about the time it takes to make these things happen.

Overscheduling can trigger anxiety, frustration and overwhelm because it creates a negative feedback loop. You start your list, you run out of time, you feel upset with yourself and the list only grows longer. When this happens it’s easy to feel deflated and demotivated.

So, why not set yourself up for success and create a positive feedback loop?

Make your list short and manageable, giving yourself enough time to meet your goals and get your tasks done.

A shorter list allows you to take breaks in the day – eat, rest, maybe take a much-needed walk. These tiny acts of self-care allow you to refuel and get back to your task list with a rested body and more energy.

When you finish your list, take a moment to stop and breathe. Celebrate your accomplishment! This mini-celebration will help you remember that it feels awesome to start something and finish it.  When you end with that feeling, you are more likely to go back and do it again or embark on the next task with renewed energy and motivation. Success!